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Naruto 681 has been released.
So the theory that Kaguya's will seeped into BZ through the Gedo Mazo was semi-correct. It was BZ that hid in there and then Madara applied him onto a White Zetsu.
Kaguya's time-space portal displacement ... thingy kinda reminds me of the Garganta from the Arrancars in Bleach. And how didn't Naruto sense her enormous mass of chakra appearing from behind them, I will never know.
We were given some backstory, mostly to cover the holes in the Narutoverse History Books rather than from Kaguya herself. Maybe she trully is what we've always wanted, a main villain who happens to be evil at heart.
Though I don't know why she was crying if she hated those guys. Was it tears of joy for catching them and trying to turn them into chakra for her?
Hamura is given a mention once again, but his story is still shrowded in mystery. The scans from MP were unclear, but it looked to me that he had the Byakugan, so the previous deduction that the Hyuga descended from this guy was correct.
Okay chapter, I guess ...
Also, does sprouting a tree from inside out a person count as killing them? Cuz the White Zetsus ARE people.