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Naruto 682 has been released.
Okay, I really liked this chapter. 
Sasuke must be really desperate if he actually accepted that plan, lol. It was an unexpected but great scene. I love how Kakashi thought that this was what jiraiya meant. 
I liked the way Sasuke used Enton Kagetsuchi, it was much better than giving him a random ice breaking power. 
So, Sasuke is in another dimension now. Will Kaguya make a copy of herself to fight both Sasuke and Naruto separately, or will Kaguya fight one while Black Zetsu fights the other one? 
I laughed more than I should have at the reverse sexy harem no jutsu. Naruto actually practiced it more than rasengan? 
But it kinda worked so +1 for the most surprising shinobi. Kaguya actually fell for it? So much for kishi not being sexist when it came to kaguya-sama. 
The sauce showing again that he can port whatever he wants in his AoE. Impressive kagutsuchi that kaguya had to dodge cause she couldn't absorb. 
I really enjoyed this chapter. Good one kishi.