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Naruto 683 has been released.
Okay chapter, I guess? I don't know if somebody noticed but the art was really really good. The part that bugged me was Hagoromo appearing to the Edo Hokages. I wouldn't be surprised if Minato gets his arms back and maybe even they get a free power-up. 
And I can't belive the kages was thinking about reviving Madara. How dumb is that. 
Other than that, the chapter was fine. But it seems that my hope that Sasuke would develop a new Space-Time technique to consolidate his new power-up is out the window. GET OBITO HIS REDEMPTION!!! (Even though he kinda already got that by helping in saving Nauto's life) 
I'm not sure if I should call this an inconsistency or just plain forgetfulness by the characters, but not too long ago Kakashi admitted he and Sakura were only in the way, which is something Sakura herself agreed to in her thoughts. Now they're all talking about being helpful. 
I know that they will have a role in defeating Kaguya, but you don't need to shift the mood of the characters completely just to tell us that. Heck, the mere fact they are even there is already indication enough for us to knw that they will eventually help. 
Maybe this time Obito will finally die When they talked about his recovery, it seemed like Naruto just prolonged his life a bit so he better die ..