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Naruto 604 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Naruto 603 has been released.

Obito asks the old man how long is he in this place. The answer is that it`s been quite some time. The man with spiral head and the man with half face tell Obito that they are created from the Mazou and they don`t even need to eat and go to toilet. They are androids but they have feelings. Obito wants to leave this place and to save Rin and Kakashi. But the androids tell him that there isn`t an exit because a big rock is put on the entrance. They share that Madara wants to create a huge land of dreams with Genjutsu and take all the people there forever.

Obito trains his body a couple of days and tries to destroy the rock of the entrance but without success. The spiral man suggests him to wear his body because Obito`s body is still weak.

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What happens next?

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