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Naruto 607 has been released.


So this is what happened huh. I get it ,now everything makes sense in Ch 607 it's finally revealed whats up with all Tobi-Obito deal and how he knew about Naruto's birth, from where did Nagato have his eyes.

 I feel so excited. But still there’s just to much misters to be revealed. Like what is going to happen with Sasuke and what are his intentions. I mean is he good now or is he still naughty. I mean seriously how is Masashi Kishimoto keeping track of the whole story. (he must be great liar)

  Anyway  you probably saw there's not gonna be any Naruto for us for the next week. Still I'm trilled that the battle finally begun no more blabbing, time fore some action. \(^o^)/  What do YOU thing, who's more powerful, who's gonna win, on who's side is Sasuke.

And is it just me or everybody who dreams of becoming hokage ends up all bad, I guess two-faced wasn’t so wrong when he said; “ You Either Die a Hero, or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain.” Please write what do you thing is gonna happen next, what do you thing of the story so far?

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What happens next?

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