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OMG OMG OMG Kakashi sensei is super cool. What did he do to deserve this. So not fair!  Obito you bakaaaaaaaa. This is bad if he doesn’t start to fight seriously and stop pitting himself, things are gonna get real bad . To much is at state, for him to think about the past and try to bring back Obito. He has gone to far, don't you think.

 I can't imagine that Obito will change his mind and say “Oh well, my bad, that was one dumb ass plan. Trying to put the whole world under genjutsu? I can't believe I couldn’t see how stupid that sounds. Probably because I have only one of my eyes” Nope that never gonna happen. >:)

 But that Naruto dude, you just can't not love him. So his style to say something like that “I'll never turn into trash. I wont let you kill my friends!” But  that chapter was too damn short!!! (T.T)

 I hope in the next we will actually see Kakash put up some fight. Before is to late thum da dum dummmmmmmmm.(that’s intense drums for more tragic atmosphere)  

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What happens next?

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