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Naruto 589 has been released.


The lastest chapter finish with Madara unleashes his Susanoo. Tsunade asks whether her grandfather fight against someone stronger than five Kage put together. Madara says that Hashirama is the only one who could defeat him. Still says is good that Hashirama is not there to destroys much more the landscape.

 Onoki asks Madara why an adult should fight seriously against children. As the Kage stand to face Madara nonetheless, Onoki then states that they would not back down now, causing Madara to resolve himself to crushing their beliefs.

Itachi commands Kabuto to use the hand seals he put end the Impure World Reincarnation. Sasuke is resolved to destroy the village. As the technique is released, the reincarnated shinobi from all-over the battlefield begin to deconstruct. Before being completely decommissioned, Itachi heads towards his little brother with his hand outstretched, stating that he could still make it.

The light that signals the beginning of the end is ascends from the battlefield.


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