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Naruto 609 has been released.


Whoooooo what happened. Begin? Are you kidding me, where the beep is Sasuke. I bet the next chapter is for him. But what are they gonna do? They all are beaten up. Well Kakashi got some chakra from Kurama but he still.

 And what's up with Naruto always hitting his head in Tobi's no Obito's. I'm sure Natuto is more thickheaded . Hahah. And for a second there I thought that the demon fox was trying to hit Obito with Kakashi's body. HAHAHA

 But what was that that cracked in the other dimension? The mug of sorrow? What the bloody hell is that? Any way I knew something was wrong, only Obito fighting. Madara was doing some shit. I wonder if they can fix this. Can't wait to see what is Sasuke doing.

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What happens next?

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