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Naruto 610 has been released.


Finally some action The Juubi appear. But how can they control is it looks freaking strong. Great that they seem to have some strategy but I feel like is not going to work. After all it's Madara they are dealing whit. But I like Kuruma more and more every time. He is freaking awesome, and something like the captain of the “ let's get the bad guys a lesson” team.

 I didn't see how Hatt-san lost a leg. But he have lots more so it shouldn’t be a problem. I feel like the best strategy  is to somehow seal the Juuby. Like when Tobi was sealing the other beasts.

 Can't wait for the next chapter. And What's happening to Sasuke. I thought that this chapter is going to be 'bout him. Maybe they will wait until the Juuby beats the shit out of everybody, and then comes to save the day.

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What happens next?

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