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Naruto 611 has been released.


Super cool, I loved this chapter. Finally the back up is here, all the shinobi alliance got Naruto's back.  A lot of people said to me that its pretty stupid, and why should all the shinobi world to gather to beat two Uchiha guys and a one eyed monster. My replay is THAT'S THE JUBBY YOU IGNORANT IDIOTS. And those Uciha guys are MAfreakingDARA and Tobi bouth of them have mangekiu sharingans and not to mention rinengan. Do you remember the same rinengan that can wipe off the leaf village for 10 seconds and then bring all the dead back in the same 10 seconds.

But Madara killd me with that line „even if you use high-class forbidden ninjutsy like kagebunshin you will just multiply your incompetence “ hahahahahaa.  Loved it.

Somehow I can't find myself a place. I wonder what is this super powerfull jutsu that Naruto is going to use. I thought that he can only do rasengan and kagebunshin hahaha. I just hope is not some cheese thing like the jutsu of hope of love or freedom or I will die. My guess is some kind of wind rasengan hold by those fans in the back or something like that. And why didn't he do in before, he needed an audience?

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What happens next?

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