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Naruto 612 has been released.


The chapter was cute. I'm not sure is it was worth the wait, something tells me that even thought they put all the villages powers in this one attack, they wont even make a scratch on the jubby.Thought I loved the way all of the shinobi alliance moves as one, real cute. Even Madara was surprised.

As the 10 trailed beast  reaches his perfect state, they are fucked. Thought I love the way Naruto never loses his faith. I'ts more possible for me to turn into a ramen, before Naruto ever gives up.

So we posted not the last page in this spoiler, because that panel was pretty awesome. Obito and Naruto so much alike, yet so different. I really like Naruto's personality the most of all characters. He's not the typical cool and strong guy. More like the dumb ass naive kind of guy, that never gives up and never back's down. I really love that. Its cheese to say it, but is kind of inspirational.

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What happens next?

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