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Wow Shikamaru and Ino sure have it thought. So I wasn't really happy with this chapter. Basicly the super powerful jutsu that Naruto was talking about, was total fail.

 Now the jubby formed head and eyes and stuff like that and it reached new power state. The alliance now is not only protecting the shunoby world but everyone. Because the jubby is so strong, that it can wipe of city’s of the face of earth with a blink of an eye.

Also Shikaku makes final strategy before the  end. The last chance the alliance have is within him. My guest is that he is not going to die. Because the five kages (minus Tsunade) are going to save them from the Bijudama. Or maybe they can use Mabui's teleportation to survived, or they're screwed.

I loved the Madaras joke thought. I can't wait to see Shikaku's strategy, that's gonna be really interesting. I really whant to read the next chapter as soon as posible.

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What happens next?

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