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Naruto 599 has been released.

Once again Kishimoto surprised us!

 In chapter 599 he makes retrospection to show us the Chunin exams for Kakashi, Obito, Gai, Rin and others. During the Chuunin Exams Obito and his team-mates Kakashi and Rin lose against Gai, Ebisu and Genma. Obito shows his wish to be Hokage to Rin. Looks like he falls for her. He appears to become jealous over Rin's support of Kakashi at the next round (Kakashi vs Gai). Also he looks really mad when Kakashi gets promotion for  jounin so soon. 
At the end of the chapter Toby's mask falls down.. Naruto, Kakashi and Gai are really shocked when they saw him.. He is Obito Uchiha !
Ok, we must admit it - that was kind of really unexpected !  After so many years of waiting...
Nevertheless, there are many unrevealed  things about this identity. Looking forward to see what is Kashimoto "cooking" for us.

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What happens next?

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