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Naruto 618 has been released.

NO WAYYYYY. That was his plan from the beginning, to resurrect the previews 4 hokage's. I thought that was impossible since the forth seal them. How did that snake do that. Unbelievable. And now what. Saske is going to say. Well hello there, I was wondering a thing or two. So I decided to resurrect you. Just so I can ask you a few questions. If you don't mind. And they will say. Wow no problem Sasuke, for you any time. Right like that's going to happen.

 Really cool chapter. I really was dieing to know what Sasuke was up to. But somehow I really don't trust Orochimaru. Being so obedient, and now he even got his hands back. I'm pretty sure he is plotting something. But now on other hand Minato is now there so maybe he will have some time to chit chat with Naruto for a little bit. 

 Anyway I can't wait the next chapter.

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What happens next?

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