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Naruto 619 has been released.


The chapter wasn’t bad. Maybe too slow. The first thing is that I just can't imagine how the hokage's are just standing there and explaining themselves, so Sasuke. But now I understand why Itach did what he did. He wanted Sasuke to become stronger and he knew that hate that has grown on previous deep love will make him stronger.

It is almost like I kinda knew it all along. But I totally LOVE the first he is so silly. And his relationship with the second is just hilarious.  But somehow I fell like Sasuke's next actions will be based on the answer that he will get from the first.  I really hope that he find that love in his heart for the Leaf just like Itach once did. And protects what was precious for his aniki.

But seriously I really need to know what is going on with the battle.

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What happens next?

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