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Naruto 624 has been released.


Oh that Madara bastard. He is literally unbelievable like Hashirama is at fought that his brother was killed. And there is he trying to save his life, and not letting his brother to kill him. I wonder what is he going to do now, I know that he wants to save and cooperate with Madara but I think he is already lost.

  I finally can understand the words about the Uchiha curse. You can see it clearly now, and that is like with the most of them always with their revenge and shit. Maybe only Itachi and his best friend were different. But the more I think about it maybe Madara said that on purpose maybe he just want's to die otherwise why would he make such a berserk request.

 Anyway the chapter was good again maybe too slow or too short or maybe both.  Can't wait to see the next chapter. What will Hashirama do, What will Madara answer. How the hell at the end did the Uchiha become the secret police of the village. There are still to many unknown stuff even thought I probably can guess the outcome from now. Pretty great, but I hope this conversation to be over soon so we can wee how are the things with Naruto and the others.

 Can't wait for the next one. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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