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One Piece 704 has been released.


Ok, so Luffy really wants to have the Mera Mera fruit instead of some stranger to eat it. As expected IMO, I never got why people thought that he wouldn't give a damn about the fruit.

  I really like the interaction between Luffy and Franky, he's like an advisor for Luffy.

  The scene with Sanji and the Violet is very amusing : D. Doesn't care about the fact that she stabbed a man  typical love-blinded Sanji lol. But who might be this man who should get killed by Sanji. Smells like a trap to me.

  So Lucy really participates in the tournament and shortly after he pwnd the first fodder. It was so obvious that the other participants underestimate him.

 The chapter was nothing special, but after all the epic chapters lately, it was clear that some "boring ones" would follow.Read One Piece online for free.


What happens next?

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