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One Piece 705 has been released.


A lot of things have happened in this chapter so I will move on and give my own observation results without quoting someone, cause that would be impossible.

Let's start of with Maynard and Bartolomeo. No matter how strong or not Maynard is, Bartolomeo beating him that easily is still considered a small feat. Maynard is an HQ Vice Admiral after all, and he just trashed Ganbia in a few minutes. VA's do indeed have different powerlevels but this doesn't mean beating up a VA is something to take lightly.

The only other rookie that did something like that was Luffy, at Marineford, and that was way before the time skip. So to me it still seems a descent feat, since Bartolomeo is being considered a rookie.

Well the blind guy is Fujitora after all (I wasn't really a supporter of this theory but oh well it did happen). His perception of justice is totally different than Sakazuki's but I think there is something deeper in that with him. I don't think that Sakazuki chose Fujitora out of Borsalino and the other admiral in random. He made that specific choice for a reason, knowing how Fujitora perceives justice in the first place.

About Cipher Pol Aigis 0 we cannot know much other than the fact they are the strongest out of the rest CP's, according to Robin. Whether they are in Dressrosa or not it's unknown, and they are not in disguise or at least they are not trying to hide themselves. A small detour on this one, the left guy seems to be a longarm tribesman, because of the position of his hands.

That's all I had to cheap in for now. The bad news are that there will be no OP this week L So what did you think. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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