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One Piece 706 has been released.


So I'm hoping Bellamy has actually matured (he's still probably evil, but doesn't seem as annoying). It's nice to see small fry-ish guys come back bigger and better.

Anyway, place your bets everyone! Luffy going on to the next round is pretty much a guarantee, which leaves B and D block as a mystery. Cavendish and Bartolomeo seem interesting, but Rebecca and Bellamy have something to prove.

 I wonder why he is trying to show off pretending that he did something on skypeia, but I'm pretty sure if he tried anything funny, he would have gotten his ass handed to him by Wiper. So what do you guys think? Did he manage you get the pillar in a fair fight or did he sneak off with it? Well that golden pillar is worth nothing to skypeians if anything he traded them springs for it. What he is so smug about is probably the fact he thinks he scammed them.

Anyway can’t wait for the next one. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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