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Well I have been thinking that either the Marines cause a scene which given Fujitora's presence and 3 battleships would still be awesome. Also that scene wouldn't have to be at the arena really and it would still draw attention away and disrupt events as people start scrambling and DD Family moves to respond. I mean Green Bit isn't that far away so if shit starts going down over there it might become known to DD Family pretty quickly. I imagine they have some lines of communication with the island and DD has a way to get there (wire walking?)

  Or I suppose a fight could get out of control and start destroying the arena and stands which may bring a close to a structured tournament.

 So what basicly happened is ; No cover page about Caribou.A punch so strong but takes 1hr to load up... Luffy punches are probably stronger than that with 1 sec.Well Bellamy didn't surprise me with his DF punches. Some more people in B Block that can go in anyone's favour

 This fishmen guy, I have a feeling he can control those fishes and use them to fight for him, would be awesome to see.

 Masked gladiator.. most likely someone from Wano, possibly one of Kinemon friend that he didn't mention?

 The cannibal rookie just kicking back. Smart choice, no need waste strength on 100+ weaklings.

 Hilarious ending, Luffy's gonna have an off stage battle. Seems like Jessica will win D Block then.Read One Piece online for free.


What happens next?

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