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One Piece 708 has been released.


Great chapter I must say so I'll give it a 8 out of 10 due to the panels we got with Chinjao picking a fight with Lucy (Luffy) and Cavendish also taking part in it.

  Chinjao really has a big grudge/hatred against Garp for what he did to him in the past and he even called Garp a devil to all pirates.

  Bartolomeo owned Hack so bad that the people didn't know what ability he used against him. He probably either used a DF or BH like a forcefield like Kaidaten has stated because as far as I know, during the Marineford War; the Pre-TS Admirals used some kind of forcefield/barrier to block Whitebeard's quake attack here:

  So BH may also enable you to use forcefields as well? We'll have to see later on as the story progresses.

  And I forgot one more thing, Chinjao in his Prime was said to have been able to crack a frozen continent with a headbutt? This really speaks volumes of how strong the Old Generation were in their respective Primes (Roger, Whitebeard, Shiki, etc).

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What happens next?

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