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Good chapter.

Seems like underestimated Blue Gilly a bit. Thought he's just another weird looking "place filler", who'll get oneshotted by Bellamy or someone else...but he actually defeated Ricky (who was my third choice in Block B).

  Bartolomeo actually has the barrier ability and it could even restrain the king's punch. Not bad, makes me wonder how resistant it really is.Nahhh I really don't care for him, but I wouldn't call it hate. That's the point though right? A good villain shouldn't be liked (at least not by everyone), so yeah I would like to see him get his faced punched in by Luffy...won't lie about that, and I'm talking BHA which is cooler.

  Anyone notice how Bellamy was about to get an upperhand on Barto? Maybe he can only make a barrier where there isn't something currently in the way. Or maybe he was just ****ing with Bellamy like he did with Hack. Or maybe Bellamy was using BH and Barto was about to get laid out. Bellamy had the KH head star when he turned to see the punch not that far fetched.

  Also Ricky got back up and tried to block the attack...not bad. Sorry to see Blue Gilly go though...liked him. Bellamy the poor bastard lost, let's see if he'll fall from favor with Doffy once again. Interesting, how Luffy rooted for Bellamy.

  Anyway, I'm also glad that we're finally over Block B. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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