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One Piece 710 has been released.

DAMN, Bartolomeo looked like he shit some bricks when he heard "Straw Hat" LOL

  The fighting fish...I expected them to be around that big. The crew should thank the lord that their captain has HH because if a school of them comes at them later...

  Wow, Law actually wants to confront DD, I thought the core of his plan was to avoid DD and have him fight it out against the marines or Kaido.

  "It's the humans!!" I'm going to wait for the better translation but this suggests new species as expected.

 Green Bit lives up to it's name.


  Now we have 3 character revealing cliffhangers...Sunny, Zoro, Robin/Usopp...they're probably all going to be revealed together.

  I know this is very unlikely but please PLEASE let that be some sort of KH on Robin's part, that would be so badass.

I think this chapter is way better than the previous ones.

 Finally, we saw the exchanging team finally reaching the hotspot instead of pointless fights between fodders in the colloseum.

  Well, I'm not surprised about Luffy caring so much about Bellamy, it was already foreshadowed in the previous chapters they doesn't have a set on each other anymore. I guess that Bellamy's going to fight alongside with the SH in this arc.

  What I also like is the interaction between the exchanging team (specially between Law and Robin). Oda made a great choice by putting them together.

 I guess (and I also hope) that Oda will finally show us the stupid fairies. I think it's enough "mysterous foreshadowing" for me.

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What happens next?

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