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One Piece 711 has been released.

One piece finally here. God that was a long wait. Everything is moving along nicely.

 -Nice cover

 -Smurfs appearing

 -Lol at Robin instantly thought what Usopp told the Gnomes was a lie

 -Gnomes/Smurfs please take Robin's clothes!

 -Zoro gag and who knew DD would target their ship first...

 -I wonder what Rebecca role is in this arc, especially when she lose to Lucy

 -DD teaming with the Admiral.. what will Law do?

 -No chapter next week WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Yup I KNOW right after so much wait no chapter next week either I just don't know what to say.

So what happened so far Oh shit it's happening:

Law's plan is mostly destroyed. His only ace in the hole is CC's heart. He's all by himself now (Let's exlude Usopp, Robin and the dwarves for now)

 - DD is heading to GB -> Law is in f*cking trouble

 - He's still a Shichibukai -> Seems like he made a deal with Akainu

 - Fujitora is on GB -> His only purpose is to deal with the alliance -> Did I already say that Law is in trouble?

– DD family members are heading to Sunny-Go -> So apparently, DD's intention was to seperate the strong fighters from the crew to deal with the weaklings

So anyone, thoughts?

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What happens next?

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