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One Piece 713 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
One Piece 712 has been released.

It's out after another break

  -Cover page should really go faster, it's so slow

 -When I saw Violet intro page, and realise she's an enemy I was happy, but a few pages after she was really lying

 -I'm surprised her DF did something as summon whale tears and how she overreacted on how she couldn't read Sanji strategy whilst being on Dressora, when in fact, he knows nothing of Law's plan

 -So CP0 and CD set up the false report for DD and was ready to capture Law at the exchange time

 -I thought DD and Fujitara(Admiral) guy was coming to Green Bit together, but turns out they came there separately

 -It doesn't seem like Law can really escape without ditching CC there

 -Finally the Block C begins.

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What happens next?

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