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One Piece 713 has been released.

Really cool chapter, Seems Ussop is leading the Dwarf army to take on DD family, so cool that they got lots more allies in the island to take down DD, and also could the "Green Bull" DD mentioned be the 3 Admiral?

  Really liked this chapter, story is progressing, battles are starting, seems they know where the factory is now, only thing left to see is how the group in Sunny is doing, and probably see a bit more of the tournament. I am still confused about Fuji's power.

 Good chapter, Sanji now has the map to the factory also Kinemon is with him one problem solved. Law, i think he shut down some mouths here about betraying the SHs.

I love how is Oda not forgeting his past characters, this with Norland was like cherry on the top for me.

  Fuji is new member in the Navy so this means he wasn't some retired marine or something like this plus he is not pirate he is normal person(civilian) and why is he so strong T_T

 So thoughts?

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What happens next?

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