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One Piece 715 has been released.

I would have been okay with fodder intros if not for the break next week. Things will get interesting in the next chapter, much like what happened with Block B. Even now I don't feel certain that Luffy will win, the suspense is well maintained.

I hate that Chinjao has HH, I hope he disappears after this arc so I can forget him.

All the other fighters shown in this chapter were great! Don Chinjao's a beast as expected (He'll probably be Lucy's biggest challenge in the block), Ideo's like Chad from Bleach X Bacchus from Fairy Tail and even though it's only a couple of panels but he's more awesome than both of 'em combined, Sai and Boo kinda reminded me a bit of Dosu in Naruto which was another cool character, and Jean the Robber's OP Throwing style from Final Fantasy added even more to the awesomeness. Funk Bros aren't very interesting but at least they're alright...Anyway really nice setup chapter i'd give this an 8 can't wait to read the next one!!!

Dialogue score may change when I get to read a better translation... Only read the chapter once so might have missed something good.