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One Piece 716 has been released.

Another chapter just for the coliseum? Wow. This is getting boring. Anyway this one was better than last chapter because there is real fight not just shitty introduction. I don't know about this chapter. The ending was epic as **** but it just feels like there hasn't been made any progress to the story. Nice clash between Luffy and Don. But a chapter for the coliseum is AGAIN too much. Moreover, this chapter shows how bad the last one was, in fact the robber guy and the jacket guy (not to mention Boo) were defeated with just one attack. They were TRUE FODDERS.

I can't wait until Luffy's identity is revealed because that shit is definitely happening. Also, these chapters are going to be amazinggg in the anime. Yeah and I loved that dejavu of when Luffy fought Zoro and they knocked out Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine. This time it was Ideo and Sai while Luffy and Chinjao are fighting.

Diamante doesn't seem surprised at all. Cant wait to see what the DD Family is capable of. I am hoping Luffy will make allies of the warriors here in the tournament. Good but not that great chapter after a break.