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One Piece 718 has been released.

We got the new chapter today, albeit not a very accurate translation.No matter, we got a lot of (imo) information this chapter. I loved it. Also, guys, "Losers fall straight to hell" means that we will be seeing the losers of the blocks again, so they're not really just 'fodder'. Watch Thunderous Soldier of Rage be some random fighter dude connected to Rebecca... And will Don Chinjao become a toy too? A fat toy! 


Ihave to say Dat quality...I like how the dwarves have the bug model zoan fruits. That's awesome. 

Glad Jora made it clear to readers that she isn't the culprit behind the toy transformations. I know some people were convinced it was a result of her power. 

Tbh the Sunny group has been annoying me. A third of the crew is there and they are getting owned by somebody who isn't even top ranked in the Donquixote Family. If it was a suited seat against them then it MIGHT be understandable but this is pretty pathetic. 

It's hard to tell if the coliseum audience has realized Luffy has been stretching because G2 is so fast...but Luffy just straight up twisted his arm and clearly stretched in front of everybody. Maybe next chapter the people (for example Burgess) who can connect that power to Luffy will recognize him. Then his identity will be revealed and we will see the freak out and surprise reaction that I've been waiting for. 

Is that a finishing blow to Chinjao?...probably not...we still need to find out what he's crying over.