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One Piece 719 has been released.

God damn! This chapter was brilliant

9.5/10 For giving us some content, the most requested segment of this arc and for the two epic moments we received.


  • It's pretty evident that Chinjao will be indebted to Luffy for fixing his head.

  • Are they going to repair the stage?

  • Chinjao's story was pretty funny but slightly saddening.

  • I wasn't sure whether Burgess would be smart enough to realize Luffy=Lucy but hey...

  • I'm curious to know the ratio of Garp's BH vs Luffy's on this punch.

  • Garp moved up on my favorites list

  • Chinjao wasn't within grasp of One Piece, or at least that wasn't what he was referring to.

  • 12 signifies the generation rather than rank

  • Perhaps the Happou Navy will be at Luffy's command as he becomes a Yonko.

  • This chapter foreshadows Cavendish winning his block so all 3 of Luffy's rivals have the opportunity of fighting him.

I'm stoked for next week's edition.