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One Piece 720 has been released.

Oda and his story is a masterpiece and will not be rushed no matter how inpatient close minded people are. We get to see comedic interactions and personality quirks that other series have drifted away from unique character building and I feel from that stand point One Piece is getting better and better.

I found Rebecca's cut throat attempt to further herself for the sake of her friends to defeat Doflamingo a upside from her seemingly fan service apparel to damsel in distress. 

Basically Dof is masterminding the whole shibang for when the real fights begin in which his enemies from around and about are to be beaten and bruised by Luffy and his will to win his brother's fruit. It is starting to seem like Kaido and his men may soon arrive since Luffy's Allies just seem to keep piling up with Chinjao, Bart, Gladiators, and the Dwarfs. 

Just adding Burgess to the mix makes it seem they're in on it too and all the underworld brokers and CP-0. May or not attack the Strawhat alliance in which case the Kid Alliance may aid the Sh Alliance be it the case the Yonkou they are targeting is involved in which case it would have to be BB or Kaido.

This is the second arc in the New World involving 2 Yonkous, 2 Shichibukais, 1 Admiral, Ciphe-Pol 9 and not to mention dwarfs. Oda will take everything slow not to clutter these figures in one chapter since theres a lot of interesting dilemnas going on at once.

So now on Luffy's Side theres, the Straw Hats, Law, Dwarfs, Rebecca and Gladiator Slaves, Chinjao's Navy, Bartolomeo crew.
Doflamingo's side there is his crew, Diamond Club and Spade high tier fighters, CP-0 and possibly BB and Kaido and Underworld brokers. 
Preparing for an epic showdown takes time and is a daunting task. All Hail Oda and his team deserve perfect ratings all throughout their chapters.