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One Piece 721 has been released.

It's out.

And what do you know, it's on a break again ...

The chapter itself is basically a FB that shows us the relationship between Rebecca and the Toy Soldier. I'm not sure if the soldier is her father or not, but I guess he's not.
Anyway, it turns out that Rebecca is a noble, the grandchild of the former king. We also see DD becoming the king by force. I guess he set up some huge propaganda and made the folk hate its former king. I wonder if the folk itself rebelled against the former, or if it was only DD's men that caused all the destruction.

I hope that Rebecca won't be the NN. Her everything isn't anything special. I'd prefer a more unique female/character. 

Also, the next two chapters will probably be 'the decimation of random participants' and 'the deciding round between the last participants standing (including Rebecca and Cavendish)'. Not really eager about that, but I guess it's better than block C since the outcome is unknown.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the time when this royal rumble finally comes to an end ...