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One Piece 722 has been released.

I wish we got more panel time with Law's fight.... I really want to know if we can conceive of it as 

Law vs. DD. vs. Admiral 


if it was more a case of Law vs. DD. & Admiral. 

I didn't think Law would beat DD one on one but I thought it would be closer than what is at current a seemingly crushing defeat. For those that picked Rebecca for mera mera no mi, having her be the descendant of a (probably false charges or puppetry of DD) Pyro King will certainly help build a case for hints. I hope Block D doesn't take a million years as I am rather hoping for pandemonium to ensue any time now.... The chapter was good but given the current Oda breaks (illness or not) I am hoping he doesn't spend to many more chapters setting the scene. Because honestly I was kinda hoping for a volume of battles.

A good sign at least is the SH crew is gathering in two places, The Factory seems to be on the cards... Block D has started (kinda, sorta maybe...)