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One Piece 723 has been released.

It felt exceptionally long. Not that i complain.

This freakin chapter, 10/5. Just. Fuucking. Awesome. The first half is relaxing and all, my favorite, then the 2nd half contains a lot of information, like DD's lineage, bloodline, Fujitora's DF power "Gravity" and imba "KH", Law's plan, DD not falling for it, and Sanji to the rescue. What's ****ing awesome is DD calling Sanji "A strong one", that made my day ^^ But we know there is no way Sanji can take down DD, but maybe together with Law, there might be a possibility, but with Fujitora there, chances are slim.

It was also shown that DD called Fujitora so casually -.- Just-a-fuucking-beastly-chapter.

Edit: I almost forgot, I lol'ed at Bartolomew's comment on Zoro, the supposed "First mate/vice captain" HAHAHA! It seems like Bartolomew doesn't go gaga only to Luffy, but also Zoro. Let's see what reaction he will gives out to Sanji. Maybe not as extreme as the former 2 lol. Damn I really want him as the new nakama now haha