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One Piece 725 has been released.

Early release again, niceee.

Title: "The Undefeated Woman" let's go!

I knew the cover story would eventually have meaning, this is it.

Who is this person Law is referring to?

We find out who Sanji contacted, no big deal.

Kanjurou's got that ponytail, he can look pretty cool.

To the palace Violet goes, glad she's still in play even though Sanji's gone. Why would the government protect her?...

And Violet's one shot from a pistol caused the screen to explode...what?

Lol Barto, still hilarious.

Wow, I'm impressed with Rebecca, this is a new type of swordsmanship. She doesn't cut, just throws opponents and owns. Observation Haki??

Last week Overheat, this week Sword Dance.

Now we see the sketchy shit they're doing to the competitors. Characters like Chinjao and Sai...I didn't think they would fall for this sort of stuff but hey, guess it's for the plot.

How did the giant fit in that drop down hole?...

It was a pretty good chapter, we seriously got to see everything except for the Riku Army I believe.