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One Piece 729 has been released.

Great chapter! Too bad it's going on another hiatus starting next week...

- Caribou's probably being brought to Kaidou...He's very likely to be an ally of the SH in the near future imo 

- Delinger's action was weird...Why reveal the plan to Bellamy before he even try to harm Luffy? Didn't like this bit of the chapter much since it was hyped a bit at the end of the last chapter but in this one nothing really happened=.= |

- Liked the fight between Doflamingo and Law alot! Even though Law got pwned pretty quickly as expected

- Who are the Marines really trying to arrest:-? Luffy? or someone who Bastille forgot about? Hmm...

- Some classic OP humor and a SH conversation. Loved it as always

- Law's trying to avenge a person named Kora...must be someone important to him in his childhood:-/

- Why did Doflamingo use a gun to finish the job? Could this be significant?