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One Piece 730 has been released.
Oda really did work with balancing the different parts. (Zoro and Admiral, Sanji and Big Mom, Luffy and Zoro, Franky & Usopp, Sanji and co etc etc) I loved every part of this chapter and I am so happy to see blood from Zoro although it was a bit on the lip. .. It's been over 150 chapters since he's injured I think ... We need to wait on a better translation though because it seems Fujitora praised him in Mangapanda's translation but in the same **** ing thing they are calling him Pirate Hunters ... Like how do you upload that crap? I can't even trust the rest of the chapter.
Big Mom and Sanji! Omg!! Coup De Burst is going to come soon but I just need Sanji to kick Pekoms or Tabago (or whatever his name was) ... I just want him to kick an officer from her crew then they can run.
Personally for me ... I don't care much for the factory. It's really just something to past time I just want to see a real fight although when Luffy and Zoro go to the palace they will get wrecked the first time (as usual) ... I hope Fujitora doesn't take Law away considering DD wants him doubt he'll hand him over ... There is just too much to talk about man.
Fuji breaking that glasses tho!
He hasn't been stomped yet. That was hardly a stomp ... Are you kidding? Lolz, he attacked him after and Issho praised him (Doubt that's what he said because Panda is shit) but when he goes to the palace with Luffy then he more or less can get stomped. What happened there was not a stomp because we saw him attack after and then run around ... Being unconscious / about to die etc etc is stomp.