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One Piece 732 has been released.

Why couldnt viola see rev army coming to dressrosa ? I mean koala and sabo have come. Pretty much sure they are not alone and more of dragon's army members would have come.

Hopefully fuji will side by dd. Those 3000 marines shouldnt go out without doing a single thing.They (navy) must not have forgotten the world noble punching incident.Also most probably akainu knows that sh are in dressrosa so obviously he must order fuji to bring down sh pirates.

But now that sabo , koala and rev army members have arrived(hoping they have) they can deal with the navy and SH pirates would deal with DD pirates.

Story in this arc has been great and still its far from the end coz all one piece arcs have amazing endings.

Let Sabo vs fujitora and Luffy vs Doflamingo commence.I would really really love it if Sabo could beat an admiral now. For New world to make first half look paradise , having many people (rev army members, wano head, 5th, 6th etc strongest pirates of the new world, right hand man and left hand man of all yonkos and dragon, mihawk) who could beat an admiral is necessary.