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One Piece 733 has been released.
MAL users are smarter than MF users. I don't see how this is the worse chapter, in fact, this chapter is great, and definitely better than the previous one.
The previous chapter didn't do much for me, I didn't get hyped about Franky's fight, nor did I with block D, nor the port situation with Usopp and Robin. But, this one chapter turned everything around.
Block D, which I thought would be boring as hell, predictable outcome (Cavendish or Rebecca) and nothing much to see, but, Oda was like "Scratch that, ya ain't predictin 'mah shits"-trollface-Now I can' t wait to see how this goes down. The mera mera no mi is still free in the arena, we can't be sure that either Sabo or Jesus is going to get it now, at least until we see who the winner of block D is.
Usopp and Robin's part, now that's exciting, those dwarfs, they're freakin strong, and every one of them are more or less that powerful, I think they're even more powerful than Usopp -. - Before that it's going to be a one sided trashing for Trebol, but now they're going to at least put up a little fight, but I doubt that they could win, so here comes Koala, I guess?
Franky's situation was briefly mentioned, but that still got me hyped for some reason, which the previous chapter failed to do. Can't wait until the fight starts!! Too bad, 2 weeks break with this cliffhanger -. -!!