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One Piece 734 has been released.

Pretty sure Oda just intentionally/unintentionally trolled a majority of the OP fandom for 3 weeks LOL all the people saying Meadows...

Cavendish with the alter ego, Rebecca with that HAS to be KH.

I've got news for you Doffy, Luffy's not at the coliseum anymore!

LOL SENOR PINK WITH DAT SUPLEX, a lot of wrestling references this arc

For some reason I laughed when Doffy said Sogeking hahaha

Yesss Violet has another role

I don't think what Cavendish did was THAT crazy. It was cool but it's not like we haven't seen it before. Reminds me of Captain Kuro wayyy back in a day, both don't have control when they enter that mode except Kuro did it with more blades.