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One Piece 735 has been released.
What are your opinions on Fujitora's goals? Do you think the WG will accept or will he be turned down and leave the fray. Personally I hope they accept and instead form a special group of 4-5 marine Top Tier who will act as the new Warlords. 
The rest of the chapter was great as Sabo let on that he is still fixated on wining. I wonder what he referred to when he said it will cause a ruckus but I won't be too hard .. Is it a super sexy haki pipe skill? Its pretty much confirmed that Viola is not going to be nakama as she had already been queen. 
The only question I have is what is the format of the tournie? I though the other executives were all protecting the Toy Factory and it would be the four winners take each other and the winner of that takes on Diamante