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One Piece 736 has been released.
Diamante's DF 
It's like an upgraded version of Inazuma's Choki Choki no Mi. Unlike Inazuma who turn everything he cuts into paper, Dimante's Hira Hira no Mi turn things and manipulate them as if it was fabric. 
Scar on Sabo's face 
Looks too deep. I wonder where did he get that. From the CD incident maybe? 
Block D 
Nice Ruless 
Doffy's Reaction 
Priceless. XD 
Peeka's Df 
Much more like a Mythical Zoan. I wonder if the logia people can travel or passed through things with their same element. I mean can Aokiji than turn himself into ice, can past through an ice wall? 
And lastly what i love about this chapter is LAo G. He's like a super hero with he's outfit. He should replace his name. G-man would be good. C'mon. He even had his own pose.