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One Piece 737 has been released.

Wasn't sure what kind of style Sabo has but it looks like he's not over 50% reliant on the staff, he can also fight melee style with strength and discipline. I wonder if that's tutelage from the Revolutionaries or just a continuation of his old-school style from training with Luffy and Ace.

So hilarious when Sugar turned Cabbage into a toy, was not expecting it to be just a 'poof' and it's done sort of deal, I thought it would at least be dramatic like with Jora who needs to charge up and zap someone with her Art ability. I'm curious about how this whole 'Contract' deal works since the person under the contract obviously doesn't need to agree to it or anything to be forced into compliance. Also it feels strange that nobody's Haki seems capable of warding it off, even after the fact. She also seems able to maintain their transformations permanently, so she either never sleeps (feasible given that she never ages either) or someone else is responsible for maintaining things the way they are, like the alteration of people's memories and whatnot. Couldn't tell if all aspects of transformation into toys (changing, body control, memory wiping) were Sugar's responsibility or if a third (or fourth) party was responsible for the non-toy-related ones. Her ability must be much more complex if that's all her doing.

I was half-right about Pica; he was able to absorb rock matter into himself, but only rock, and not just everything like the Absorbing Man. Is that supposed to be a Logia, though, or what? And what about Trebol's sticky fruit? Is he just like Magellan creating poisons or does it actually count as Logia? So confusing. I would like seeing there be more Logias where it isn't just a question of becoming intangible and avoiding damage, but having alternate means of exploiting the element via absorption. That way they can utilize a 'regeneration' tactic rather than just re-forming from an infinite source. Running out of rocks to draw power from would be a big liability for a guy like Pica if that was the case.