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One Piece 742 has been released.
I liked the chapter pretty much, especially the Kyros backstory with Scarlett faking her dead just to be with him! I wonder who is the next heir of the throne now, because King Riku said "Scarlett, you are now no member of the royal family anymore". Does that mean that Rebecca isn't a heir, but Violet is? This will become crucial IF someone from the DR arc will join. I guess it will be Rebecca then, with Violet as heir of King Riku-__-lame but to soon to predict (not even sure IF someone will join this arc).
I liked the Ussopp part, because I wondered how he was going to pull it of with a guy like Trebol there. I hoped that he would spit the grape in Sugar's mouth (that he wasn't really unconcioness). A bit disappointed, but I still laughed hard at his and Sugar's face! Important part that it's finally over, Ussopp the leader of a army with Cabbage and all the other colloseum people haha. Pretty badass!!
Sabo vs Burgess = bye bye dear collosseum. That will make an escape route for the toys who are working in the factory and are being brought back to their human life!
Can't wait for next chapter! I think it's a chapter of toys getting back to their human form and other people remembering them again! What would Doffy do?