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One Piece 744 has been released.
Great chapter!! 
Like i predicted, Sabo is one of the absolute highest ranking commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Not only that, he's even the 2nd in command right after Dragon and now he also has the Mera Mera no Mi I also like that there was no CIS or anything. He just ate the DF immediately and did his job. 
Usopp was hilarious as always. I like that even the tougher competitors cried at the sight of him. He's like Buggy at Marineford hahaha. I also like that it was a giant from Elbaf that took care of Usopp. 
Doflamingo is not dead. Not really a shocker, but it would be nice with some kind of explanation. Luffy isn't listning as usual hahaha. 
I wonder what the Bird Cage is. Though it's probably some kind of movw / trap that locks them in and attacks them. Maybe Doflamingo fills the area with cutting strings and blocks the exits, making it look like a cage ...