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One Piece 745 has been released.
I love that I was proven at least wrong with the factory being unprotected - the sea stone barrier is a neat trick. It also Shows that Sabo screwed the pooch by not defeating Diamante at the colloseum, but I'm guessing he will fix it now (especially with Trebol there, whose logia power is flammable). 
Robin may not have her priorities and loyalties straight, as far as I am concerned - although to her defence, what happens within revolutionary army is not Luffy's concern nor interest him. 
Pica fruit gives me a feeling that he is stronger than most logia's - we don't see Logia's manipulate the element to that extend, mostly they change into the element and they control fire / sand / ice / light that is part of their body. 
Doffy has mastery of mastery over his devil fruit. I guess you don't need to have clever plans or smart plan B if you have the power to annihilate all live on an island.