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One Piece 746 has been released.
Decent chapter. Everyone is on stage. I think we'll get to see a bit of action from now on, till the end of the arc. i just hope that Usopp will stop being such a pathetic egoist.
Luffy will defeat Doffy, leaving no other choice for Kaido but to go after Strawhats. Big Mom, as Lola's mother, will help them defend themselves and fight against Kaido. In exchange, Luffy and co. will defeat Kidd and co., who are going against Big Mom, for her sake.
Fugitora might leave Strawhats be after judging right Doffy's behaviour. In fact, letting Luffy oppose / defeat a couple of Yonkos will only benefit the WG. Saka-san won't have to lift a finger.
So Doflamingo greatest threat is not Luffy, it is not Kyros, it is not Law, it is Usopp of course, he must buy into the legend as well. Ha ha.
Some humarous moments but Luffy to kick Doflamingo's butt, now we know we are towards the end of this arc. And the idea they are going to sacrifice themselves to save the country by having them become the target of Kaidou is a noble sacrifice, though I don't think Luffy, he is not afriad of anyone, bring them on all on.
We are into our final fights, hopefullly they will be some tag battles so they won't be so many fight and we get to Luffy and Doflamingo soon. I can't wait for that.