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Finally!!! the fights are set!! someone said all that happened again wich is not true, because Zoro now WILL fight Pica, the fight it's not going to be interrupted from anyone, and there in no one between Luffy and DD so the road is open for DD vs Luffy! i know the executives are with Mingo, but i don't thing will let anyone to fight Luffy, because he underestimates "Mugiwara" and he wants to kill him, himself (as this is so easy!!!!) Great chapter. 
PS1: Zoro: "My captain has no business with a chunk of stone like you"!!! The the devil fruit user Zoro (he ate the badass-badass fruit) it shows how proud is forhis captain when things are getting serious, once again, and why only Luffy could be His captain!! the scene it gave me chills!!! 
P.S.2: Have a good rest Oda. health (and love) comes always first!