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As always, Luffy proved to me that Gomu Gomu Gatling is much more effective and fun that Emperor Haki
Barto fanboyism gets bit riddicolous and Franky fighting Senior Pink? Thats uninteresting match-up ... It doesn't look like Pink Baby can take down a pacifista so at best he can stall Franky.
We will soon see if Sabo is only a strong character or revolutionary army fights with smarts - it's obvious he stalls them, but I will be dissapointed if he stalls them with pure strenght, that would make Revolutionary Army looks like chumps not being a bigger deal than they are.
So, like, Law is going to maybe set off a big trap or something that will kill everyone around, just for the chance that DD will also be finished off? That's the only way I see Law maybe betraying them at this point. If he feels like he's got nothing left to lose, and he must feel that way since he didn't seem to care about dying when DD shot him as long as it meant Kaido was going to finish the job, then he might just be willing to do a suicide play for the sake of finishing DD personally. But really, he gains nothing by sacrificing or betraying his allies right now; they're all he has and are more than he deserves right now, so if he wants the best possible chance of getting revenge, he needs to help them and let them help him instead of acting all macho and selfish like he's been trying to ( and looking sad and pathetic while he's doing it).
As for flashbacks, I'd say if it's going to happen this arc, it'll wait til either Law's handcuffs come off (might be symbolic of his liberation from previous servitude) or when he comes face to face with DD later; both of those would be very apt moments for them to have that reminiscence.