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One Piece 751 has been released.
I think its much safer to call Sabo admiral level now than it was before. In my humble opinion Sabo is Marco and Doflamingos level which is admiral level or slightly below. 
I don't see how people dare put Zoro above Sabo. Put Zoro in Sabo situation and see what would have happened to him. Bunch of fodder spamming bazookas and pistols while a Vice admiral attacks and Fuji sends meteors. Pretty tough situation for Zoro if u ask me. 
Also the Doffy situation in the end really sucked in my opinion. 
A midleading title, I guess Oda has been taking lesson from Hiro with these misleading chapter titles. For little that we saw I thought Sabo and Fujitora looked awesome. Fujitora knows more than he lets on, I wonder what that is. 
Okay Robin and Rebeacca and get Law the key. A team of Luffy, Law, and Kyros that would be epic. 
Looks like Luffy doesn't have to wait long to get his battle with Doflamingo, I doubt it really is him, if it is, this arc will end much sooner than I thought.